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Live Stream, Video Call & Other Games Availbable Here. Free Diamonds & Get More Task to Download

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Are you searching for Unlimited Diamonds to Play Chamet Game. Here We are Sharing 7 Tips to Help to Use on Chamet App.

But, Chamet App is a Charting for Better Communication. And You Need to Buy Diamonds to Chart or Call on Your Friends.

So, I am finally to decide for how their increase your diamonds. In this steps you will be learn to get free chamet diamond as a beginner.

Before, I am using already in this process and finally get more coins. So, you should be follow our process to win 1k-100k diamonds regularly.

In this topic, as you follow to get benefits from Chamet App. And it’s not a mod apk file that harmful on your device.

13 Benefits to Get from Chamet App

Free Video Chat
Gift Send Extra Diamonds
Video Ads Free Diamonds
Increase Level Your Benefits
Quick Complete Task
Get Daily Collect Gift Box
Live Strem with PK
Private Call Video
Language Support Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu etc.
Free Chat Option
Join Party Group with Fun
Add Bonus with Join Party Section
Buy Diamonds with Extra Free Video Call

Just as you need setup your account & choose your best groups. then you can use our process for playing chamet games.

You’re beginner or a new user to register in this chamet account. that will gives you 10 free chart cards to use their call other profiles and it’s limit for one mint per card.

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Here is an Showing Game to Follow Process :

  1. Racing Games
  2. Spi & Wheel
  3. 3D Car Gaming New
  4. Lucky Numbers

Here, is An Method to Access for Chamet Diamonds :

Chamet Game Diamonds

1. Easy to Use

Here are Two Option Availbable to increase your coin from Chamet. First you to buy a recharge a diamond from google playstore balace or you can also try free diamonds using giftbox and Ads or played games.

So, you have to avoid any APK file on huge coin by games. i have to recommend to install from play store & you get latest update to handle to all games on safely.

Because there are different Mod sites availbable to their files downloading. And that will be creating harmful or effected on your device. So i rcommend to avoid APK to safe it.

Here Are Different Reseaon to Avoid Mod App files.

  1. There is a Hacking App & don’t Installings.
  2. There will not gives you any of free balance from chamet.
  3. It’s not properly work on their application
  4. Mod File Can Be Harmful on Your Device, So Keep Avoids.

2. Tips for Huge Coins

Diamond is a balance coin that’s help to use for video call and sending a gift card etc. So here, you will see all list balance to buy using from google play store. And there are availbable gives you best service.

Price of Balance Points

Quanity of DiamondsPrice of Access
4500 PointsRs.95
14000 PointsRs.285
48000 PointsRs.985
150,000 PointsRs.2850
510,000 PointsRs.9500
Price to Buy Balance

If, you want to buy more coins then you need to find agency. That’s provide on some discount to buy & also using free video call.

How it’s Work for Balance

The Diamond is a points or balance that help you can video call & send gift card etc. As see different price of coins that made by call and you must be use. Otherwise you have to use Free Ads That Provide on this App.

There are different site provide you free download for diamond. but is not true actual two ways to earn through by ads video, gift cards & play games from chamet.

If, you want to call any girl user then you have to pay for money to buy coin. Otherwise you can access live video or chatting also free forever.

3. Step to Install App

Here, We have to share my ideas to get download App & support your device or pc with comfortable.

  1. Just Have to Download Chamet App in use Our Link Register New Account.
  2. You can also use your mobile number or Google login account
  3. Verify Account & Setup Your Password
  4. Get Free Video Chart to Call Access
  5. Start to Play Games to Use Free Diamonds.

4. Best Guide to Play Games

First of all you have to understand of all games. But we have to recommend to playing only race game that’s help with simple.

We have explain everything how you can playing for beginners. I have recommend to get start use from 5000 coin for beginner or old users to play.

Here you need to follow game rules & which pattern showing on road. You will see different model car to play on race gaming & also included pattern.

5. Games Rules

Here, we have to share list pattern & car for playing on race. Just as you check & follow chamet rules on list.

List of CarsPattern Road List
CarHigh Way
Sports CarExpress
SuperDirt Pattern
Stock CarPothole Road
Monster Truck

6. Show Their Pattern

In this topic, you will be cover which pattern to fast on racing game. So I will be share my ideas to help us to know.

  • High Way & Express Pattern (Super Car, Sports Car & Car)
  • Dirt Pattern (SUV)
  • Insert Pattern (Stock Car, ATV, ORV and Bike)
  • Bumpy (Monster Truck, ORV, Bike)
  • Pothole Road (Monster Truck, ATV,Bike)

7. Secret Tricks to Win

  1. Always betting on low amount & don’t too add big amount to loss. You have to save more diamonds.
  2. Its depend on your balance & should be start 1000 diamonds for beginners. As You will get help for backup.
  3. Pattern always be fast on road which is car. So Keep in Mind Watching Bet & Then Decide to Think Your Road.
  4. You need to join Chamet Party Group with proper guidance. It’s most important for beginner & win more fast.
  5. As you have to see like high, medium, low by playing race games & use only choose for low or medium in this challenge.
  6. But, you have to see on first for waiting for medium or low to win jackpot. It’s one of way to get win from game.

Here, Only I recommend to Play on Race Gaming in This App. Because It’s one of easy ways to maintain coin & increase your diamond with shotly.

If, you’re on the way playing that you want to send gift any your friends. That will get free diamond box upto 1000-1Lakh Availbable & it’s depend or Find an Luck Box.

Our Suggestions

Thanks you have to follow our all process & that you got benefits. And also share our ideas to reach other people helps to using on chamet App.

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