Chamet Race Game Pro Tips & Win Unlimited Call

Are you want to win game from chamet race? Here I will be sharing pro tips that’s help you right way to win & free diamonds from chamet app.

There are many people using app & get not idea for free diamonds by playing game. We have to explain how you get hack to win chamet game.

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What is Chamet App?

Chamet app is a video call chat that help you better for communicate. Which allows to talk with new friends using through buy to diamonds.

If, you’re already installed chamet app & find on how to get free diamond. That’s blog to help you right information to get pro knowledge.

How to win chamet game and get free diamonds

Pro Guide for Chamet Race Game

We have to share pro startgey to help you win by playing chamet game. But you’re thinking for how can i start race game for beginner.

What is Chamet Diamonds

Diamond is a balance points that’s help to use for video call and sending a gift card etc. So here, you can also buy diamonds using from google play store.

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Here, We have to discuss all information about of our pro startgey. That’s you want to know why you are loss diamonds.

1. Understanding Games

First of all you have to understand of all chamet games. But we have to recommend to playing only race game that’s help with simple.

2. How to Start Game

We have explain and how much to use your diamond from starting. I have recommend to get start on 5000 diamonds for beginner or old users.

So, you must be buy diamond before you have to playing on race game. You can check your games to click party group section.

Here, you can also option for start game that your using free diamonds. There are provide a collect gift box or watch videos etc.

3. What Type of Pattern

You have to see only one and two pattern hide on screen. So, that you have to guess which car to clear all patterns. You need to know what type of pattern on the race.

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List of Patterns by Playing Race

  • High Way
  • Express
  • Dirt Pattern
  • Insert
  • Bumpy
  • Pothole road

4. List of Car Model

In this Section, you have to see list of car & you can also play by racing. But have to make sure Which Car to Win Right Patterns by Playing Race.

List of Cars

  • Car
  • Sports Car
  • Super
  • ORV
  • Suv
  • Stock Car
  • Motor Car
  • ATV
  • Bike

5. Which Pattern to Fast

In this topic, you will be cover which pattern to fast on racing game. So I will be share my ideas to help us to know.

  • High Way & Express Pattern (Super Car, Sports Car & Car)
  • Dirt Pattern (SUV)
  • Insert Pattern (Stock Car, ATV, ORV and Bike)
  • Bumpy (Monster Truck, ORV, Bike)
  • Pothole Road (Monster Truck, ATV,Bike)

6. Pro Tips

How to choose your car fast on the road with use proper pattern. Just keep in mind always betting amount as low for extra bonus

How to Win Race Game?

  • Customize Low Bet with Extra Diamonds.
  • How Much You Bet Start (100-500)
  • Watch & Guess on Pattern
  • Join Party Group
  • Keep Note Use Bet Midium & Low
  • Find Jackpot
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Customize Low Bet

Always betting on low amount & don’t too add big amount to loss. You have to save more diamonds.

How Much You Start Bet

Its depend on your balance & should be start 1000 diamonds for beginners. As You will get help for backup.

Watch Pattern Properly

Pattern always be fast on road which is car. So Keep in Mind Watching Bet & Then Decide to Think Your Road.

Join Party Group

You need to join Party Group with proper guidance. It’s most important for beginner & win more fast.

Choose Midium & Low

As you have to see like high, medium, low by playing race game & use only low or medium in this game.

Find Jackpot

But, you have to see on first for waiting for medium or low to win jackpot. It’s one of way to get win from race game.

Our Suggestions

Thanks for review I hope you can always win race game by using chamet app. You also try be more online game win money quickly.

Deepak Rath

Deepak Rath

HI, I am Deepak Rath as a Blogger, Writer, Devloper in Admin of Spicykings. I like to share my best ideas to help you and most people to get it. If you are feel any dout or question please comment Us.

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About Us.

HI, I am Deepak Rath as a Blogger, Writer, Devloper in Admin of Spicykings. I like to share my best ideas to help you and Visit Our Social Group to Follow Them.

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